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Forest Spirit are an affiliated SAA (Scottish Archery Association) club and as a result  we can shoot in all FITA/Target/ArcheryGB events once registered as an archer with the club. Target Archery has a very similar indoor season to Field and their outdoor season is generally held in a field (confused?) with everyone in a line shooting set distances per round. Personally, I’ve found all my Target brethren to be welcoming, encouraging, knowledgeable, helpful and interested in Field without exception.

Membership: To join Scottish Archery you will normally pay a Club Associate membership fee through your club.  The membership fee includes a subscription to Scottish Archery and also a subscription to Archery GB – the UK governing body – as well as a small fee to the Area your club is located in. We are in Eastern Area. There is a full annual fee but if you join part way through a year there are reduced fees - your club's secretary (me for Target) will keep you right. Once you are a member you club will request renewal of fees each August in order for payments to be processed and Archery GB cards issued by the start of the new membership year.  Cards are issued to each member at their home address so please keep me up to date with your contact details. The Membership Year currently runs from 01 October to 30 September. NEW members joining from 01 January will pay 75% of the Archery GB and Scottish Archery fees.  Those joining from 01 April will pay 50% of the fees, and from 01 July - 25% (fee calculations are rounded to a sensible amount). Cost of each competition ranges between £10 & £20 thereafter.

In short, if you are interested in joining – speak to me (Colin)

Kit - There are some minor differences in kit set up but in simple terms the styles that shoot are:

·         Recurve – no sight ‘bubbles’ or scopes on sights allowed

·         Barebow – ‘slight’ differences to the IFAA category

·         Compound

·         Longbow

·         Arrows:

o    carbon only arrows are not accepted in ‘some’ outdoor events as they are on playing fields and off-shoots need to be found

o    need to be numbered and have your initials on them (easy to do – stickers/silver pen ect)

·         Outdoor events – common practise is to have a ‘base tent’ for behind the line (not obligatory though and you could always share with the Wittons at the beginning)

Indoor Season – runs Oct-Mar:

·         Rounds (I can only comment on the ones I have attended)

o    Portsmouth - 20 x 3 arrow ends at 18m (same as 20yds). Usually two waves and four archers at a target. Target is the 60cm multi coloured ones (scored 1-10) we see at Cluny.

o    WA18 – 20 x 3 arrow ends at 18m. Very similar to Portsmouth but the target is a 40cm face.

·         Timed ends – each end is two minutes to shoot 3 arrows – can be intimidating, but it’s plenty - I’ve not run out of time once in three seasons.

·         Clothes – only real restriction is ‘blue jeans’ weirdly enough, although I’d encourage wearing your Gold n Black Army uniform if you have it.

·         Awards – there are plenty of medals to be won based on scores (outwith the competition on the day)

·         Catering – take your own packed lunch

·         Venues – Sports halls – Lasswade High, Penicuik High, Armadale Academy, St Colmes Academy (Glasgow), Lornshill Academy (Tullibody)

Outdoor Season – Apr-Sep – (I have much less experience here)

·         Rounds – too many to go into in detail but explains the basics.