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Standards of Membership

Membership will be by an ‘by invitation’ basis only. This does not impact any existing members. Any person of legal majority and good moral character and good reputation in his/her community, and who has completed the necessary beginners course (for new/inexperienced archers) or has been coach vetted(experiencedarcher), and on completion of the necessary Membership and yearly fees and insurance paid may be invited to join the club by at least two current Directors.


Consideration and continuation of membership will be given to archer’s adherence to safety principles, and their suitability in terms of maintaining a smooth running sports club, but their ability or disability should not be considered as a barrier to joining unless deemed as a health and safety risk to self or others. Every effort will be made to maintain a diverse and inclusive membership population.


Membership to Forest Spirit archers falls within the following categories:-

Adult: over the age of 17. Junior: ages 13 to 17. Cubs: ages 9 to 13.

Details of how to apply and beginners courses are in the drop down boxes under the heading Membership.

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