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Since its inception in 1939 field archery has evolved into a World class sport. On the clubman level it can offer individuals or whole families a fascinating leisure pastime for young and old alike.

It is a woodland sport, with targets set out over challenging terrain and shot from a variety of distances 10-80 yards which vary from uphill to downhill. Field archery has been called "golf in a forest" an apt description for it is shot by groups, shooting either 28 targets or twice round a 14 unit and trying to achieve the maximum of 560 points per 28 targets. Adults shoot 80 yards max, 13 to 16 years up to 50 yards and 9 to 13s up to 30 yards.

Crossbows are banned under the SFAA /IFAA rules and regulations. Hunting with any type of Bow and Arrows is ILLEGAL in Britain.



Forest Spirit Archers was established in 2004 with six members, this has grown to over 100 members and we are the largest Archery Club in Scotland. Shortly after 2004 we built a 14 target course in the forest Later we improved the facilities and extended the course to 28 targets, which include some up and downhill shots. In 2012 we were proud to hold the Scottish Championships and in 2013 we held the UK Championships.

The standard of facilities has grown over the years and we have developed our coaching facilities to meet the ever growing demands of the sport. Our Internationally accredited Coach's help and develop new and experienced archers and if you want to give it go, visit our Membership page.


The newest on course development is the "Tower", a test of skill and nerve, allowing a new experience. 3D targets are increasing and the Tower area is perfect for small a 3D field layout.


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