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Field Archery.

Brief description.​

Field Archery is a version of archery that is normally set in a forest or outdoor area over a set course of varing distance and sized targets.

There are subdivisions of the sport and a range of shooting styles. Bows come in lots of versions, from basic long bows and bare bows to complex compound bows. Within the sport there is enough variety to find a variation to suit most people.


Is there anything similar?. Field Archery is sometimes likened to golf. There are various similarities. Different distances, a number of different targets, continuous scoring, changes in elevation, played outdoors, shooting in groups,....etc.


Physical requirements depends on the type of equipment you choose. This can be matched to you own ability. As it is generally set in a forest underfoot conditions can vary and is often uneven, sloped and can be slippery. None of this should put you off trying a new and exciting sport

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