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1. Performs his duties within his group correctly.

2. Permits the other members of his group to shoot without interference of any kind.

3. Is pleasant to all members of the group.

4. Does not spoil other people’s enjoyment by moaning about his score.

5. Does not quote trivial rules as a means of upsetting his competitors.

6. Ensures that his target companions shoot from correct pegs by pointing out errors before they are made.

7. Watches the target while others are shooting in case of bounce-outs, pass throughs etc.

8. Accepts the decisions of the Target Captain.

9. Recognises that tournament organisers are doing a job for him and helps them when he can.

10. Congratulates the successful and in success remembers those who would like to have done better.

11. Supports and encourages his Association, Club and National team.

12. Helps others to take up Field Archery and to enjoy it.

In other words Field Archers should be Ladies and Gentlemen and good Sportsmen at all times.

Field Archery is attractive because the courses are usually set in beautiful countryside.

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