Covid-19 Information

Important update for Forest Spirit Archers, 27/0/2020

The first thing I should say is that we now intend to open our forest course on Friday 29th May. This may be amended if the Scottish government change the goal posts before that, so we will issue a brief statement on Thursday night that, hopefully, we are "OPEN". The opening of the course does not affect any legal requirement you have personally regarding Covid-19 restrictions.

There are a few changes you will see when you arrive at the course. These changes are there for the protection of you and others, so please abide by what you see on site and with the following control measures.

  • Only visit the site if you have not been diagnosed with Covid-19. Only visit the site if you are not showing symptoms of Covid-19. Do not visit the site if anyone in your household is showing signs of Covid-19.

  • Please maintain Hand and Cough Hygiene at all times.

  • The car parking facilities are open. If having lunch, take it in own car.

  • The Camp area and toilets are closed.

  • Assemble your bows near your own car whilst maintaining proper distance.

  • Please abide by any notices around the course.

  • There is hand sanitiser around the course, but you should attempt to bring your own. Sanatise after touching any communal surface.

  • Members to keep 2m distance at all times when in the forest. Only 2 members shooting together. If shooting pegs don’t allow this then, apart from members of your household, you must shoot one at a time.

  • You should pull your own arrows and only one person at a time.

  • Some target restrictions in force

  1. Bunny - 1 member at a time

  2. Large Tower (faulty towers) - 2 people

  3. Target 28 - 1 member shooting at a time

  • No club equipment will be handed out.

  • 3D targets are closed.

  • On the Practice area, one person per lane.

  • There is no specific club night or day, the course will be open throughout the week.

  • With the exception of Juniors attending with parent/guardian, no visitors or non-members are allowed at the course.

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