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Covid-19 Information

Important update for Forest Spirit Archers

While Covid restrictions are in force within Scotland, please abide by the rules set in place by your own local area. These rules are changing weekly and we have put in place some control measures for your and others safety

These changes are there for the protection of you and others, so please abide by what you see on site and with the following control measures.

  • Only visit the site if you have not been diagnosed with Covid-19. Only visit the site if you are not showing symptoms of Covid-19. Do not visit the site if anyone in your household is showing signs of Covid-19.

  • Please maintain Hand and Cough Hygiene at all times.

  • The car parking facilities are open.

  • The toilets are closed.

  • Assemble your bows whilst maintaining proper distance.

  • Please abide by any notices around the course.

  • There is hand sanitiser around the course, but you should attempt to bring your own.

  • You should pull your own arrows and only one person at a time.

  • Some target restrictions in force and you should pay attention to any signage around the course

  • No club equipment will be handed out.

  • On the Practice area, one person per lane.

  • There is no specific club night or day, the course will be open throughout the week unless otherwise notified.

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