Club Fun Shoot Calendar


2020 Indoor Competitions

  • 19th & 26th February - Kings of Forest Spirit

  • 4th March Nerves of Steel

  • 11th March Beiter ht-miss

  • 18th & 25th March Vegas shoot

  • 1st April Drum Challenge Cup Home Leg, 9th April Away Leg

  • 28th October Halloween shoot

  • 16th December Christmas Games Night

2020 Outdoor Competitions

  • 14th March 14 Target fun shoot

  • 11th April 14 Target Easter Bunny Shoot

  • 16th May 3D Animal Shoot

  • 14th June SFAA Classification Shoot, FSA hosting

  • 29th & 30th August SFAA Scottish Field Championships FSA hosting

Our club fun shoots will be weather dependent, these may have to be rescheduled time to time but plenty of notice will be given in advance.